Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Types of Houses That Need to be Rewired

There are plenty of homes that are prime candidates for large scale rewiring. This type of work is done to enhance the safety within a home and to also provide more convenience. Here is a look at the most common themes for a house rewiring job.

Upgrading Old or Historic Homes
There is a quaint look and feel to older homes. However, many of them were not built with a modern touch. That leaves residents to rely on rooms with limited electrical outlets. Not only is the wiring old and dated, but there are also less places for plugs. Loading up power strips and running extension cords is not the safest use of electricity. Modern technology is just too far ahead of the primitive wiring in old and historic homes. The risk of electrical fires also skyrockets. The use of more than one electrical panel is not uncommon in these homes and that also comes with a risk. Tripping a circuit breaker is also more likely in these homes as the old wiring just doesn’t seem up to the challenge of accommodating modern day living.

Amish/Gas-powered Homes
Modern living can often mean converting a gas-powered home to electric. Reasons for this change may vary, although the process requires the purchase of electric appliances to replace any gas-powered ones. The process of rewiring will mean that a licensed electrician Charlotte will need to get into the walls and run a lot of wiring through the house. The benefits of this kind of rewire will show up in energy savings and it will also allow for more electrical conveniences throughout the home. It should also be noted that older homes powered by gas also present their share of hazards.

Post-Disaster Homes
In the wake of a fire, flood, or lightning strike, there could be a potentially dangerous situation involving a home’s electrical system. After a flood or fire, a home’s electrical meter should be removed before any type of cleanup is attempted. The home’s circuit breakers, fuse boxes, sub panels and other components were just not made to withstand submersion or fire. In many instances, insurance companies will even compensate you for the necessary repairs. Rebuilding after a disaster begins with a whole lot of rewiring and there should be no attempts to reuse any of the pre-existing electrical system.

If you have a house that is in need of electrical rewiring in Charlotte NC, let the experienced professionals at Neighborhood Home Services start working for you.