Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Identifying Electrical Problems and How to React

When a problem arises with a home’s electrical system, the natural reaction is to panic. The reason for that is usually because people are unaware of what is going on. Knowing how to identify and react to the following electrical problems can completely change these incidents for the better and may help avoid further electrical repairs.

Tripped Circuit Breaker – This issue is typically caused by an overload of electricity on a system that can’t handle that amount. When a breaker trips, reset it and then redistribute some of your electricity to a different outlet. Another breaker might not trip when doing so. If the breaker keeps on tripping, then it is time to contact a professional electrician. It is a sign that you are using more power than your system can take.

Shocked – Touching an appliance can cause someone to get shocked. This generally occurs because of improper grounding or wiring. The first step after being shocked is to turn off the breaker that is connected to the appliance. Next, unplug the appliance and consult an electrician. The same advice applies to any other shocks you may receive within the house.

Too much heat – It is not normal for an electronic device to heat up when it is in use. This also applies to switches and panels. If you happen to notice any of these devices producing an extraneous amount of heat, immediately turn it off and unplug it. A failure to do so increases the potential for a fire. It only takes a mere touch to realize that a device or switch is hotter than it should be. Don’t ignore that heat, as it is a sign that something is amiss.

Burning Smell or Sparks – If you notice a burning smell or you see sparks emanating from an outlet, switch, or electronic device, then the next move is to cut the power. However, power should be turned off at the electrical panel and not just on the device. It is important to remember that this is not a permanent fix, but rather a way of ensuring immediate safety. Next, contact a professional in order to diagnose the cause of the problem and make the necessary repairs. This is not an issue that is just going to dissipate. Hiring a professional is warranted.

When you identify an electrical problem or HVAC issue within the home, it is time to contact Neighborhood Home Services. We staff fully-licensed electricians who will provide you with top notch Charlotte, NC electric service.