Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Preparing for Winter with Basic Heating System Maintenance

The winter months can introduce an unpleasant chill, but a warm escape can come your way with the flip of the switch. Turning on your furnace is a luxury most people take for granted, until it suddenly stops working. Here is a look at some ways that homeowners can prevent that from happening and make sure their heating system is ready for the chill of winter.

Fresh Air Filters

The air filter on a furnace plays a key role in its overall functionality. Changing a filter is fast and easy. It is a good idea to do this with regularity and to also keep an ample supply on hand. Most filters are sold in packets, which makes stocking up rather easy.

Make Room

It is always recommended to clear the areas around vents and heaters, as it decreases the risk of a fire. Homeowners should also make sure their cold-air return vents are clear. If those vents are obstructed, it will reduce the airflow, causing energy bills to rise. It will also do a poorer job of filtering out any pollutants.

Test Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

In homes that are equipped with gas furnaces, there is always the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. There is no identifiable warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning and these detectors are often the first and last line of defense. That is why it is extremely important that these be checked.

Fill Your Tank

Gas furnaces should be filled before the start of the winter. Homeowners should not rely on the supply from the previous winter. Starting off fresh will also ensure you have plenty of fuel for the oncoming cold.

Open the Gas Supply Line

Most homeowners shut down their heaters for the summer by turning off their gas supply line. If that valve is not re-opened, nothing will happen when you flip on your heater. Be sure that gas can get to your heater by opening the valve. It is also a good idea to make sure the intake and exhaust pipes are clear. If you suspect any blockage, contact a professional.

Try Out the Heater

Don’t wait until the first cold day of winter to find out your heater is not working. Crank it up while the weather is still warm. By doing this, you can attend to any problems before having to deal with any biting cold.

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