Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Indoor Climate Control: What to Consider When Moving to Charlotte, NC

Making a move to Charlotte, NC is an exciting time, as the city is rapidly growing and becoming one of the most popular moving destinations in the country. Before making the move, it is important to consider the natural elements so that you will be prepared with proper heating and cooling to keep you comfortable all year round in Charlotte.

The city of Charlotte, as known as “The Queen City”, is home to a comfortable climate that is not going to subject its residents to harsh winters… But, you will still need heater service. The average high temperature in January is 51 degrees and that is the lowest high of any month in Charlotte. Meanwhile, the average low is the lowest of any month at 30 degrees. The city only averages 4 inches of snowfall per year as temperatures do not dip below freezing too often. There is the occasional cold spell that makes for a stretch of frigid days, although that is not the norm. All in all, Charlotte’s fall/winter seasons are not bad especially when compared to temperatures and conditions from across the rest of the country.

The summer months can get a little warm. The average high temperature for July is 89 degrees and August features an average high of 87 degrees. These high temperatures are usually accompanied by a fair amount of humidity. The end of May through late September are when you are most likely to experience muggy days. Even though the summer days are certainly warm, you will still be able to enjoy cooler evenings with an average low of 67-68 degrees. And while the threat of hurricanes is always a worry to coastal cities in North Carolina, Charlotte is far enough inland to be free from most of those threats. However, heavy rains and winds can still prove to be problematic.

As a result of these weather conditions, residents of Charlotte are going to rely on their cooling units much more than their heating units. Over the course of a year, homes are going to need to be cooled far more frequently than they need to be heated. That leads many homeowners to the decision of purchasing a variable speed HVAC unit. The benefit of this purchase is that it gives the homeowner the ability to adjust the output. This means you will not always have to use your unit at full capacity. This decreases energy costs while still keeping things nice and cool inside the home. Beating the heat in Charlotte is something that is done on a regular basis in the warmer months. This is something that warrants attention when planning a permanent move to the city.

The variable-speed concept also applies to heating a home in Charlotte. Simply because Charlotte is home to warmer temperatures does not mean that cold fronts won’t make their way through the city. In January of 2018, a temperature low of 29 degrees was recorded for 27 straight days. That kind of consistency makes for routine winters, but those are also times that call for reliable heating units that enable homeowners to control the indoor climate without having to pay high energy bills.

No matter what time of the year, Neighborhood Home Services will attend to all your heating and cooling services in Charlotte, NC. We can perform repairs on an existing unit, or install a brand-new unit of your choice, while answering any questions you may have about heating and cooling your new home or office. We hope you will enjoy moving to Charlotte -welcome to our neighborhood!