Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Best Times to Hire an Electrician

There is no advanced algorithm or evasive mystery that denotes the proper time to hire an electrician. The general rule is that anytime there is electrical work involved, it presents an opportune time to hire an electrician. There is just too much at stake to go with any other solution and here’s a look at some situations that call for the hiring of a professional electrician.

Ceiling fan installation

Hooking up a ceiling fan may not seem overly complex, although there is a lot involved with the process. Hiring a professional electrician will ensure safety and efficiency, but it will also allow homeowners to cash in on any warranties. Improperly installing a ceiling fan could void a warranty altogether.

Electrical work near water

Great danger presents itself when electrical work is done near water. That’s why it’s best to put this type of work in the hands of the professionals. Adding bathroom outlets, a kitchen sink disposal, or doing electrical work near a pool presents additional hazards. Making a mistake in these areas could be serious, and even fatal. 

Home construction/remodeling

Many home construction projects and remodels require permits. Not all townships will issue permits to homeowners who have no experience with electrical work. Hiring an electrician will allow homeowners to fast track through that process and not have to worry about codes, permits or licenses.

Lighting additions

The addition of lighting consists of more than just purchasing a new lamp. Overhead and recessed lighting can make a home look chic and trendy. However, the installation of that lighting is very involved. Hiring an electrician will make sure that your ceiling and walls stay intact while the wiring is completed. 

Selling a home

Anyone looking to sell a home needs to have the property pass all the necessary inspections. Part of those inspections focus on the electrical system. An entire sale could fall through if the necessary electrical repairs are not made by a qualified and insured electrician service.

Tripping breakers

If your breakers keep on tripping, it is a sign that your electrical system needs an upgrade. Some older systems are just not built to handle all the power that is used by present day homeowners and their families. Bringing in a professional electrician will stop breakers from tripping at inconvenient times and also bring peace of mind.

All these situations can be handled with one quick phone call to Neighborhood Home Services. Electrical service in Charlotte, NC has never been better.