Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Selecting the Right HVAC System for a New Home

There is a multitude of decisions to make when purchasing or building a new home. During that process, it is important not to overlook any of the details. Selecting an HVAC system for your home is something that should take careful consideration because not all options are the same. Here is a look at some helpful hints when selecting the right HVAC system for your new home.

To Duct or Not to Duct?

Central air is the most popular style of HVAC system. The design of this system consists of ducts connected to a furnace. The air is carried through these ducts and blown through vents in each room to get the desired temperature. Meanwhile, ductless systems are more conspicuous, as these kinds of units are installed in various rooms. The use of ductless systems is usually a way of replacing window units in a home and is seen less often in new construction.

Backing Up a Heat Pump

Installing a heat pump is an efficient way to heat your home in the winter and cool it off in the summer. However, this is often a better option for those in warmer climates. Heat pumps have been known to falter when the temperature dips below freezing. A backup furnace would be able to take over when a heat pump falters and it is something to consider depending upon the climate. This setup is also known as a hybrid unit, which typically consists of a gas furnace and a heat pump. It also gives homeowners the option of using the gas furnace over the heat pump if they choose to do so.

Consider the Size

The biggest HVAC unit is not always the best unit. A system that has an overabundance of heating and cooling capacity will actually lower your energy efficiency. Another potential issue lies in the constant cycling of a system. Turning on and off too much will not only use excess energy, but it will also cause your system to wear out at a quicker pace.

Climate Considerations

As previously mentioned, it is important to consider your local climate when selecting an HVAC system. Cooling systems are more of a focal point in new homes built in the southern part of the country while heating systems take on a higher priority in the north. However, homes with a fluctuating climate need the best of both worlds when it comes to a HVAC unit.

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