Monday, May 21, 2018

Common AC Problems and Solutions

Air conditioning systems are a source of great relief in the warmer months, although they are not without fault. Over the course of time, wear and tear is bound to lead to a problem or two that requires air conditioning repair. Here is a look at some common AC problems, along with some solutions.

Unusual noises

A high-pitched sound that resembles squealing is usually a sign that something is off with the blower motor. This type of sound often precedes the breaking of a belt. A solution to this issue is adding a bit of lubricant, preferably to the oil port. Meanwhile, any kind of constant smacking or clicking may indicate that the blower has something stuck in it. To fix this problem, turn off the blower and then give it a closer look.

Thermostat not working

Believe it or not, a common problem in thermostats is that their batteries die out. When the thermostat fails to light up, simply change out the batteries for a fast and simple solution.

Air is cooling at different rates in different rooms

When an air conditioning unit is functioning properly, it should cool the entire house evenly. This does not happen when the ductwork has leaks or when a vent is blocked. Poor insulation could also be the source of this problem. One solution is to hire a AC service company to fix those problem areas, or to install a zoning system which controls the temperature in different parts of the home.

Air is not coming out cool

It is very frustrating to turn on your AC unit and feel no cool air while listening to it run. There is no use waiting around as this issue can be caused by a number of things. The first possible cause is an old air filter. Fixing this is as simple as changing out the filter for a new one. The next possible cause is the thermostat. To test the thermostat, set it on the coldest setting and let it run. If nothing changes, then there is a problem. You can also tell if you are low on refrigerant by inspecting the larger copper line on your outside unit. If that line is not sweating or cold, then you need to add refrigerant.  

Water dripping from AC unit

Dripping water could mean that there is a clog. This can be attended to by flushing out the condensate line with compressed air. There are manufacturer instructions to follow when attempting this solution.

If you cannot fix your AC unit with a solution at home, then contact Neighborhood Home Services for all of your Charlotte air conditioner service needs.